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You can do it!

The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few;

therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest.

- Jesus



We are committed to fulfill Jesus’ Great Commission to “make disciples” by helping those who
have begun with Jesus to grow and become more like Him. We realize that to grow, people need
to move beyond simply coming to a worship service. They need the personal attention and
spiritual “basics” that only a small growth group can provide; and they need someone to love
them enough to lead them through the process. This is where D-Groups and you come in. A
“D-Group” is a simple way for you to help others grow.



A “D-Group” is a “Disciple’s Group.” It is a place where you can grow and help others do the
same – be and make disciples.

  • 2-5 people

  • Gender specific (all men or all women for max transparency)

  • Meets weekly any place any time

  • Takes about 90 minutes.

  • Only homework is to spend time with God in His Word and prayer daily. (We

         recommend “15 Minutes with God” as a simple way to start.)



A D-Group is a highly nourishing way to grow as disciples by helping each other to…

  • Connect with God through daily time in His Word and prayer.

  • Hear God’s voice through His Word and His Spirit.

  • Walk in the light without toxic secrets through transparent life sharing with each other.

  • Be light “out there” by loving God and others where we live.



It is simple, Simple, SIMPLE… and easily transferable!

  • Simple materials. Bible, journal, and Life Questions are all you need.

  • Simple format. OUT-UP-IN.

  • Simple to lead. All it takes is the willingness to “go first.” and invite others along.


Here’s what you do when you meet, OUT-UP-IN….


OUT/Check in. (15 min).

Updating the “ABC’s” of the week “out there.”

A – Abiding. How has your personal time with God gone – consistency and quality?


B – Being a lover of God and neighbor. Let’s celebrate…

  • Love Stories. Where you loved well in your family, workplace, community. This

        is the “Main Thing”!

  • God Encounters. Where you brought God’s tangible presence to someone else

        through answered prayer or a shared a message from God.

  • Sharing Jesus. Where you shared a word of testimony or the gospel.

C – Confessing sin. Is there anything God wants you to confess to get free from the grip or shame of toxic secrets?


UP/Bible. (30 min)

Listening to God through His Word.


  • Read a chapter of the Bible aloud, taking turns. You can read a book of the Bible that fits

         your group (e.g. new believers/John, businessmen/Proverbs, growing Christians/Mark).

  • Journal. Pause to “listen” and then write in 3-4 sentences, “What is God saying

         personally to me?"

  • Share your answers with each other. No teaching - just share. As the leader, it’s good to

        go first to model personal application (rather than the less personal “insights” or
        “principles” most are used to sharing).


IN/Life Question. (30 min)

Sharing life through a Life Question.


  • Choose one "Life Question" for all to answer (see the list below). You can choose one

         you think good for your group, let someone from your group select one, or simply draw
         one out of a bowl.

  • Ask each person to share his/her answer. As leader, go first to model openness and

        honesty about your own joys and struggles.

  • Listening Prayer. Decide who prays for whom (e.g. in pairs or person to your right).

        Before praying, take a minute to be quiet and encourage all to “listen” to the Holy Spirit
        for His direction how to pray. Ask all to be quiet until you lead out. Then have all pray
        as led.



It's easy to start! You don't have to be a teacher, counselor or "expert." All it takes is the
willingness to be a disciple and invite others to join you. Here’s how.


  • Pray. "Lord, whom should I ask? Give them hunger for You."

  • Think. "Who around me might be eager for God? It might be a group from your church,

        workplace or neighborhood."

  • Ask. "I'm starting a group for a few friends who want to share life and know God better.

        I thought you might be interested. Want in?"

  • Set a time and place, and get started!

D- Group Life Questions

(Choose a different one each time you meet)

1. Share your FAMILY of origin story. What were the best/hardest parts of growing up?
2. Share your MARRIAGE story. What have been the best/hardest parts?
3. Share your WORK story. What have you enjoyed the most/least?
4. Share your EXPERIENCE WITH GOD story. Where have you encountered God most
5. Your present relationship with God… what are the first three words that come to mind?
6. Your relationship with God… what do you most enjoy? What is most frustrating?
7. What are the top three things you wish you could ask God? Why?
8. As you think about how God thinks/feels about you, what are the first three words that
come to mind? Why?
9. If Jesus were to sit and talk with you right now, what do you think He would talk
about? What would He say?
10. What do you sense God has been saying to you in the recent past? How are you
11. How is your private time with God? What doing? How consistent? How meaningful?
12. How would you describe your “Life Mission” – God’s personal Kingdom assignment for
you? How do you feel you are progressing with it?
13. As you think of your life right now, what’s going well? What’s a strain?
14. How do you feel about the way you are using your time? Are you over or under loaded?
How are you doing with the things that matter most to you?

15. Where do you feel pressured to compromise your values or beliefs? How are you
handling it?
16. What temptations cause you the greatest stress? How are you coping?
17. If your children were to describe you in three words, what would they say? Why?
18. If your wife/husband were to describe your marriage, what would she/he say? Why?
19. Regarding your physical health… how are you? Is there anything you sense you should
do to improve it?
20. What have been the prevailing emotions of your past week?
21. What are your most nagging fears? What are the present effects?
22. Where do you deal with anger? How are you dealing with it?
23. Describe your prayers. What are you talking to the Lord about?
24. How do you share your faith with others…and how is it going?
25. How are you doing financially… giving, spending, saving? Is there anything you sense
you should be doing to be wiser?
26. How do you feel about your present work/profession… progress, relationships,
temptations, stress, problems, time spent?
27. Is there any area in which you are struggling in secret? Would you be willing to share
28. Integrity… are there any areas where the “public” you differs significantly from the
“private” you? What’s been the effect on you?
29. How can you tell when you are over-committed? What are your symptoms? What are
the causes?
30. When it comes to fulfilling your commitments, where do you feel good? Where not so
31. What’s the compass point of your mind… what you think about when not pressed by
the work at hand?

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