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The Point - A Jesus Community was officially incorporated in late 2018 but this was not the beginning of the story…


Senior Leader Jesse West is a fifth generation Christian Pastor and was raised alongside two brothers, Jonathan and David. His parents were both missionary kids who met on the mission field in Costa Rica. All of Jesse’s life growing up he would hear radical stories of his grandparents (on both sides of his family) planting churches and starting ministries; he wondered with great curiosity what a missionary’s life was really like. It was not until he was 19 that he had a very real and life changing encounter with Jesus. That one encounter with Jesus became the ember that ignited his life and would years later become a burning flame planted in Santa Cruz County.


Pastor Jesse met Amber in a small spirit-filled church in Oklahoma City. They fell in love with Jesus together and were married in 2002. They moved from Oklahoma City to Santa Cruz, Ca. in 2003 to attend a small Assemblies of God Bible College called Bethany University. They both received the call into ministry primarily as missionary’s to love the people in Santa Cruz and share the story and presence of Jesus. They now have two children, Addison and Judah. Pastor Jesse grew in leadership and maturity while serving on staff for many years to help develop a wonderful local church in Santa Cruz called Vintage Faith Church. Then in 2013 Pastor Jesse and Amber felt the call of God to plant their first church and the Lord began to increase the faith in their heart and pour out oceans of grace to make this new local church ministry a reality.


They were invited to lead a small humble church called Pleasure Point Community Church where they stepped in as the founding leaders. It was here in 2014 that Jesse and Amber both had radical life changing encounters with the Holy Spirit that would change their lives forever; this encounter with the manifest presence of God marked them deeply. The senior leadership team at Pleasure Point Community Church prayerfully allowed the Holy Spirit to move in power and many people in and around the community started getting saved, healed, set free, discipled, equipped, empowered and sent out into ministry as a result. In order to follow the leading of the Lord we left the denomination that originally planted us in order to pursue the identity and destiny the Lord had released into us.


We are committed to love one another in humility and love and to serve each other.  The Lord (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) will always be welcome to dwell in and through us as a family and community.


It has been life changing and incredibly affirming seeing the hand of God move across the lives of so many people who have shared their testimonies of the Lord transforming them. It has truly felt like we have been living in a chapter from the book of Acts. Since stepping out of the old denomination we have begun the search for a new building/location to meet in with our amazing ministry partners that are helping us build this Jesus community in Santa Cruz. 


The leadership team led the community through the transition of changing the name of the church to The Point -A Jesus Community.  This name came about partly because Jesus is the point of everything in life and partly to honor the identity we came from previously as Pleasure Point Community Church.


Today, The Point is a growing community of Jesus people who believe that God really is good and that every living person has a destiny and a calling no  matter their current circumstances. We exist to see people encounter personal and regional revival through the manifest presence of Jesus. 

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