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D-GROUP FORMAT – Out-Up-In (75 minutes)

OUT/Check in. (15 min). Share the “ABC’s” of the week “out there.”

  • A – Abiding. How has your personal time with God gone – consistency and quality?

  • B – Being a lover of God and neighbor. Let’s celebrate where you loved well.

  • C – Confessing sin. Is there anything God wants you to confess to heal and get free?

UP/Word. (30 min) Listen to God through His Word.

  • Read a chapter of the Bible aloud, taking turns. Pick a book that fits your group.

  • Journal. Pause to reread chapter silently to “listen”; then journal in 3-4 sentences, “What

         is God saying personally to me?"

  • Share your answers with each other. No teaching - just share what you wrote.

IN/Life Question. (30 min) Share life through a Life Question.

  • Choose one "Life Question" for all to answer (see the list).

  • Ask each person to share his/her answer. As leader, go first to model openness and

        honesty about your own joys and struggles.

  • Pray for each other. Before praying, take a minute to be quiet and to “listen” to the Holy

        Spirit for His direction how to pray. Then have all pray as led.


(Choose a different one each time you meet.)

1. Share your FAMILY OF ORIGIN story. What were the best/hardest parts of growing up?
How would you describe your present relationships?

2. Share your MARRIAGE story. Describe in quality terms the stages of your marriage?
What have been the best/hardest parts? How would your spouse describe your present

3. Share your WORK story. What jobs have you worked? What have you enjoyed the
most/least? How would you describe your present feelings?

4. Share your EXPERIENCE WITH GOD stories. Where have you encountered God most
vividly? How would you describe your present experiences?

5. Your present relationship with God… what are the first three words that come to mind?

6. What do you sense God has been saying to you in the recent past? How are you

7. How would you describe your “Life Mission” – God’s personal Kingdom assignment for
you? How do you feel you are progressing with it?

8. As you think of your life right now, what’s going well? What’s a strain?

9. What temptations cause you the greatest stress? How are you coping?

10. Where do you struggle with fear and anger? How are you doing?

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