When we first started this church community in 2015 we were like prospectors in search of precious metals. During our first year together we gathered to worship Jesus around the fire and fragrance of worship and prayer to the Lord. As we did this Gods people began to grow in hunger as we ran fearlessly in a radical pursuit of His Presence. During these amazing times together the Lord began to reveal our core values: Identity. Family. Mission. Sacrifice. We see these values flowing throughout the scriptures to bring unity and maturity to the body of Christ. 


Together we are discovering our identity as devout followers of Jesus under direction of the Word of God and the Spirit of God. We understand that we cannot live out our faith journey alone but with others in a relationship of togetherness in family. It is in family that Jesus calls us and sends us out into mission to disciple and and baptize others in His name. It is for this purpose that Jesus sacrifices his life and for this purpose that we lay down ours, to see the gospel of Jesus transform our city.


Our identity starts in the incorruptible seed of the gospel of Jesus. Once this seed is planted in our hearts we begin to see the promises in the Bible manifest in our lives. 


We are a family on mission to see the people of God thrive in all areas of life.  Here are some of those values:

Unity. Excellence. Humility. Service. Faith. Equity. Compassion. Submission. Character. Generosity. Kingdom Centered. Truth and Spirit Centered.


Our mission is built on the ministry of Jesus 

Saved. Healed. Set Free. Discipled. Equipped. Empowered. Sent


We lay aside our agendas and our "good ideas" and give God (Father. Son Holy Spirit) full access to transform us, our families and our communities into his image.